Your Wallet VS. The Holidays

You work your butt off 40+ hours a week, you skimp on downtime, you cut your vacations short and you can barely pay your bills. Now it’s that time of year that you watch your credit cards wear down from overuse and your tears come a little easier when trying to figure out your debt to income ratio. Remind yourself that no matter what anyone may say, the holidays aren’t about expensive presents or shiny wrapping paper. The holidays are for spending happy times with your family and loved ones. Here’s a few ways to win the war against holiday debt and come out on top.


  1. 1.    Wrapping Paper is Overrated

I have always thought it to be silly to wrap a present in a box and with paper, bows, etc when the receiver is just going to tear open the paper, thus destroying it and then throw it away. Wrapping paper cannot be recycled so it’s really not green to use it at all. If you want to decorate your gift containers, try pasting collages on the boxes or painting the boxes with fun sayings or pictures. If that’s not really your style, opt for plain brown handle bags, Get some newspaper or recyclable tissue paper and stick your gifts inside the bag. The bags will be reusable and recyclable.


  1. 2.    Create Your Own Gifts

Homemade gifts are really the best presents you can give someone. They

show you care enough to devote time and creativity to the person receiving the gift. If you just don’t have time to paint everyone a picture or make your own jewelry, try simply giving photographs as presents. Most craft stores sell inexpensive wooden frames. Another great option is second hand stores.


  1. 3.    Give Yourself a Break

Most people don’t really care about gifts. They just want to see you and spend time with you and your loved ones. If you can avoid it, just don’t give out gifts and make sure to tell the other party that you also expect nothing. If you really need to bring something to the gift table try making candy, cookies or fudge. It’s inexpensive and thoughtful.