All three spices and herbs for seasoning and health

Spices and herbs both have the quality of making the food items tastiest. But besides that it also energizes body and serves health benefits

If you want to add taste to the various preparations, you can certainly use some amazing herbs and spices. But you must know that they are not just any flavoring agent but also a positive facilitator of many body functions. It can help in developing the system and countering some diseases. It may also have many benefits that can help stop the resulting from cancer and other illnesses. Let us look into the three herbs and spices that are advantageous for you.


Chives come from the family of onions. They are very small and have a very strong flavor. It is obtained from gardens and also retail stores. You can add them to the preparations of the potatoes, seafood, scrambled eggs and also soups and vegetables. They are anti-pest. They help in repelling insects and also can keep away pests in the garden. They lower the high blood pressure.

These are rich in some essential vitamins like that of C and A. This is important for the growth of the muscles in the eyes and their tissues. Vitamin A also strengthens the muscles of this organ. Vitamin c on the other hand can also reduce the bleeding of the gum and eliminate this problem.

Chives also have iron and sulfur. This can be therefore a good agent for the red blood cells. You should never over consume it. Otherwise, it may cause some digestive problems


Cilantro is a part of the coriander plant. But is the section of the leafy portion. It has a great flavor and therefore can go well with soups, sandwiches, vegetables, and even meat. It looks like parsley and therefore should not be confused with the later one. It can also be utilized in stews. This is a type of herb that cools your system down and saves it from the internal heat.

It has antimicrobial properties that can save you from the stomach upset issues and also diarrhea. It somehow eliminates the infestation in the intestines due to the pests. For people who have tapeworm, cilantro can be excellent for them. In many traditions it is known for its healing properties


Clove has a nice aroma and obtained from dried flower. It comes from a small evergreen plant that is from the Indonesia. It is used in many cuisines and has immense health advantages. Cloves can also be put in tea and this is a nice recipe of a healthy drink. It can garnish and provide taste to desserts and also other preparations.

It helps in reducing body pain and acts like a natural painkiller. It also prevents the causes and complications of infections from bacteria. It eases down the toothaches and upset stomach. It treats the infestations of worms and also calms the congestion problem. It is an active agent for the wounds, as it is an antiseptic element. It is a natural remedy for many such issues.,joe.bild,Advice-for-Spread-Betting.html