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Common cases for men suffering from modern ED

However, it is not uncommon for men to be left unattended due to embarrassment or giving up, leading to more severe ED symptoms and family discord.

Common cases are tension-type EDs that are extremely tense and do not erect, virtual EDs that do not ejaculate unless you are immersed in one world, or that you can only ejaculate with your own hands, erectile dysfunction for your wife even though you can ejaculate outside Only wives who do not have ED etc.

The definition of ED refers to “a condition in which sexual activity is not sufficient and you are not satisfied with sexual activity”, so it is a disease that can occur in men of all ages and must be overcome with a partner.

ED that is common in 20s

There are some students in their twenties, and many of them have just become members of society.
Inexperienced and commonplace in sexual life, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

However, there are many people in their twenties whose first sexual experience has become traumatic and has become a young ED .
Even if your partner or situation changes, your first painful mistake may flash back and you may not get an erection or you may have a delay in ejaculation.

The types of EDs called Young EDs and Condoms EDs, in particular, cannot be cured without dispelling past failures.

For these symptoms, ED treatments are just right.
People in their twenties, who are both physically and mentally young and healthy, can easily see the effects of medicines and can easily experience success.

Virtual ED

Virtual ED is an ED due to the difference in selfishness when adolescent boys learn masturbation and experience sexual activity with the opposite sex “virtually” and face full-scale sexual activity with the opposite sex. It is a phenomenon.

Medically, it has not been proven that the act of comforting oneself using AV etc. is directly linked to ED.
However, excessive masturbation that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of one person may result in delayed ejaculation and breakage in actual sexual activity, or you may ejaculate at an unexpected timing.

Also, if you get used to the feeling that ejaculation is guided by hand, you may not be able to ejaculate with “intravaginal ejaculation disorder”, that is, female genitals.

For this reason, it is said that masturbation should be mild enough not to interfere with sexual activity .

Condom ED

Condom ED is a condition that causes you to wither when you try to put on a condom during sexual activity.
In conclusion, this ED is just a self-suggestion .

In my past sexual experience, if I tried to put on a condom and it broke due to something like “I can’t put it on well in a hurry”, “I will not wither if I put it on again this time. Or maybe it will fail again. “

Getting out of this self-suggestion is important for condom ED people.

This type of ED is a very effective treatment for ED treatments, and it can be overcome by repeating success several times with the help of medicines and rewriting unpleasant memories.

As the name implies , an ED treatment drug is a drug that acts from within the body, so it is effective for both psychogenic ED and organic ED.

Young ED

Young ED, which is common in the 20s, is also called tension-type ED.

“I failed when I had sex with the opposite sex for the first time, and I continued to drag that experience and I ended up being a virgin.” It is a symptom that there are many consultations from people in their twenties.

The deep-rooted image of a single failure trailing and failing puts pressure on it, causing further ED symptoms. Young ED is also an ED that has a high possibility of being cured if you gain confidence by accumulating
successful experiences with the help of ED treatment drugs several times .

If you are in your twenties, there are few lifestyle-related diseases such as chronic diseases and high blood pressure, so in addition to the original drugs such as Viagra Levitra , Cialis , and Stendra , there are a wide range of ED treatment options such as generic drugs .

There is still a long way to go, so let’s treat it early to overcome the complex and aim for a lifetime of active duty.

ED case of troubled husband

There are a lot of people who got married to a loved one and had enjoyed nightlife every night when they got married, but became ED and fell into sexless because they didn’t get treatment.

There are many cases in which a married couple gets sick and divorces.
Therefore, I would like to introduce an example of ED, which is said to be common among married people.

ED (birth witness ED) due to witnessing the birth of the wife, “only wife ED” which is erectile dysfunction only at home , conversely, “wife’s ED” which causes erectile dysfunction outside even if you can have sexual intercourse with your wife without problems There are “curse type ED” (ED only outside) and so on.

For a variety of reasons, married ED is caused by a lot of pressure and emotional shock.
Get the right treatment, overcome the pressure on your own and regain your self-confidence.

Birth sighting ED

The birth of my wife and the birth of life are very moving. However, the impressions of men who gave birth in the presence can be divided into two patterns.

The pattern was that it was a moving moment that I will never forget, and the pattern that I was shocked by my wife’s sudden change and looked grotesque.

A man who has the latter impression may have a great deal of emotional shock and may become ED for his wife after giving birth.
It has been reported that when you try to insert it, it will wither, remembering the baby’s head that was visible at the time of delivery.

From my wife’s point of view, there are cases in which the couple’s life collapses due to anger and sadness, even though they have endured the pain and gave birth .

Since there is a great deal of mental self-suggestion, it is a pattern that should be overcome as soon as possible with the help of medicines.

Wife only ED

As the name implies, it is a symptom that only your wife does not get an erection and you cannot ejaculate.

Some say it’s okay when they’re having an affair outside, while others say they can’t have sex with their wife even though they’re not having an affair at all.
In any case, it is said that the feeling of “I’m sorry for my wife” further accelerates the ED and leads to a vicious cycle of not ejaculating.

Be careful if you feel the limit to making excuses because you are tired and start to separate your partner and bedroom.
Before that happens, talk to your partner to start treatment, treat your partner secretly and surprise them, or do something about it.

If your worries are resolved, you will feel more tension not only at night but also in your daily life.

Wife’s curse type ED

The term “wife’s curse” is used to refer to the situation where you can have sexual intercourse with your wife without any problems, but you cannot have sex with other women.

It seems that there are few men who go to customs on a daily basis, but the number of consultations from married men saying “I suddenly got a unique chance, but I was overly nervous and did not ejaculate” was named ED is.

It is believed that the extreme pressure that such an opportunity may never happen again will prevent an erection or break.

In such a case, if you carry a type of ED treatment that can be taken without water , you may be able to take it quickly without the other person knowing, and you may have had a satisfying night.

Some ED medications can be taken 15 minutes before sexual activity, while others last for 36 hours. There are individual differences, but one method is to use them properly according to the situation.

ED, which is common among the elderly

ED is caused by low blood flow to the corpus cavernosum.
Therefore, the older you get, the harder your blood vessels become and the more likely you are to have a stagnation in your blood flow, making it harder for you to get an erection.

However, these days, as the word “lifelong active duty” is used, we are entering an era where you can enjoy a youthful sexual life even in your 60s and 70s. It is the man himself who decides to retire.

Due to advances in medical technology, many medicines that are less burdensome to the body have appeared in the field of ED.
There are people in their 80s who are treated for ED, so you don’t have to give up just because you are old.

As you did when you were young, there are plenty of treatments to enjoy a satisfying nightlife with your partner. Let’s look at the causes and countermeasures for ED, which is common among the elderly.

Single assignment ED

An increasing number of men are worried that they haven’t been able to ejaculate even though they were thinking of having fun with their wife after returning home after a long absence.
There are many patterns in which he does not ejaculate even more with a shock that does not ejaculate.

What’s more, there are many patients in their 40s and 50s who are suspected of having an unfamiliar affair, have a jerky relationship, or lament that there is nothing good.

Various pressures such as “I think I have a mistress” and “I can’t meet again for a month if I miss now” may be exacerbated by spurring ED.

To reduce the pressure, it is safe to carry an ED treatment on the day you return to your family.
In particular , Viagra is one of the ED treatments that has a strong effect and is useful for self-confidence recovery, so if you take it in a relaxed state 1 hour before sexual activity, the effect of the ED treatment will be higher.

Retirement ED

When a person who has worked hard until retirement age retires, he / she may feel empty and feel lethargic for a long time without knowing what to do all day long.

This mental state will increasingly contribute to ED for older men who are less likely to have an erection.

Even if you are an ideal father who devotes himself to work and family when he is young, it is a pattern that suddenly feels empty when a child retires from the nest and is alone with his wife.

In my 60s, my body is still moving, so I can regain my energy when I was young and continue my nightlife while performing ED treatment.

If you have a chronic illness such as heart disease or high blood pressure, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting treatment.

ED treatment depends on your feelings

Although the retirement age system is incorporated in the work of office workers, it is the man himself who decides how long he will be active in the sex life with his partner .

As mentioned above, there are various types of ED , and there are various ages, causes, and treatment methods that are just right for you.

In many cases, due to mental trauma or pressure, courageous confrontation with the illness will inevitably lead to the day when you feel that you haven’t had time to worry about the complex.

The first step in getting a satisfying nightlife experience that can help you get rid of mistakes and pressures is to act.

Successful experiences can be obtained immediately with the help of several ED treatments .
When taking medicine, follow the dosage and use it with correct knowledge.