Adjusting to the use of hearing aids

Wearing hearing aids feels awkward, and any discomfort is perfectly understandable. By the age of 45, studies show that 20{eeb41114b4e45ee0a1294e7ed07009dbf7385af78126a0f6ea53fd4d20ec07e4} of people in that age and beyond have diminished hearing ability. Having loved that long with perfect hearing only to need to wear something in the ear can be quite stressful, and that is why many people have a hard time coping. Due to the fear of having a foreign piece of equipment fitted inside the ear to enhance hearing, most people wait too long before they get one or a set of hearing aids. If you have been living with less than normal hearing ability for a long time, the first time with hearing aids may be uncomfortable because even normal level noise may feel amplified.

Since a hearing aid is supposed to enhance normal hearing, it is generally expected that any sounds heard wearing them will be different in both pitch and intensity. The following tips will help first time users of hearing aids to cope faster;

  • Hearing aids are not an instant remedy for hearing loss. Unlike spectacles which have a remarkable difference in sight enhancement the first time they are worn, hearing with aids improves with time.
  • The loud noise and abnormal sounds you may hear when you have a hearing aid on may cause you to want to remove it and toss it aside. While you might have momentary peace of mind without a hearing aid since you are blocked from external noise, the longer you wear them, the easier it becomes to hear through them. If you feel that your hearing aid is too uncomfortable for you to bear, speak to your audiologist at Lawrence Hearing Aid Center San Diego. They are suppliers of all types of hearing aids and if there is a fault, Hearing Aid Repairs will be performed to improve comfort and enhance performance.
  • Just like wearing any other assistive devices, it can be quite overwhelming relying on hearing aids to make out what is going on around you. Talking to the professionals at the hearing clinic is a good source of encouragement and advice since they are experienced in patient care and adjustment to the aids. Other patients who have used hearing aids longer than you have may also provide you with valuable insight into how to use and care for them for enhanced performance.

The success of your hearing therapy using hearing aids requires personal commitment. This is best achieved using an action plan to map out the expected milestones.