How To Find The True Solution Of Your TMJ Sensitivity

When you have a specific health problem, you consider fixing an appointment with a doctor specializing in that part of the body only. For example, if you have a skin problem, then you would visit a dermatologist. However, what should you do if you have multiple health problems going on simultaneously? Say, what would you do if you feel stressed up, feel severe joint pain and even a toothache for no apparent reason? Then it could be a symptom of TMJ. However, finding a doctor for TMJ appears to be tougher than finding specialist doctors in any other field. This is because this health condition targets a number of organs. Some very reliable TMJ treatment centers in NYC work in manifold ways.

ADA and TMJ Specialists

Though there are few doctors who specifically expertise on all aspects of TMJ sensitivity, there are a number of practicing physicians who can diagnose the cases of dentistry in TMJ. What is essential for you to know is that the American Dentist Association or the ADA has not yet acknowledged TMJ dentistry as a specialized field of orthodontics. There are some reliable websites like that explains what exactly a TMJ treatment center can help you.

Who Treats TMJ?

TMJ experts need to specialize in different aspects of physiology. Often, there are patients having indications common to more than one condition. For example, both Tinnitus, and ringing sensation in the years, as well as facial pain are common symptoms of TMJ. They might also indicate the development of ear infection or sinusitis. A migraine-like pain might indicate the presence of TMJ, while it can also signal something as serious as a brain tumor! The point is, only an expert in TMJ problems can determine the true nature of the problem that you are suffering from. And the catch is since the ADA has not yet certified or designated this form of orthodontics, there is no standardized treatment or care is available as of yet. So when you are choosing someone for the right prognosis, it is imperative that you do a background check and consider your chosen professional’s experience in the field.

Who Looks After What

You might have learned that temporomandibular joint dysfunctionality might also crop up due to excessive stress and mental baggage. So if you need some help and do not get access to a TMJ specialist immediately, then you might want to visit a counselor for some sessions. You can also resort to your PCP or primary care provider for a quick checkup and assessment of your overall health. Similarly, in case of a toothache, you can visit your local dentist to check for dental caries or anything similar. If you are suffering from some ear, nose, throat, and neck related issues, then it might be the time to fix your appointment with an otolaryngologist. Otherwise, you can search at reliable sites like to look for a one-stop solution for all your problems.