General Information on Pink Eye Causes And Symptoms

Conjunctivitis of eyes, generally known as pink eyes is a common ailment and effectively treatable. It happens due to inflammation of conjunctiva, the thin layer inside the eyelid and effects the tissue covering the white parts of the eyes.

Few lines on a person’s pink eyes experience:

Pink or reddish color of eyes is seen when the inflammation of conjunctiva makes the blood vessels more visible. The eyes start watering, itching and the effected person feels as if the eyes are burning.

The most common cause is due to infections of microbes like bacteria and virus. Some allergic reactions to chemicals and pollutants can cause pink eye. Wearing contact lenses for considerable time constantly can be a cause of having pink eyes.  The pain and the other discomforts fades away after a week. If persist person needs to consult nearby ophthalmologist in Colorado.

Noting the other symptoms of pink eyes:

  • Swelling of the conjunctiva.
  • Feel like a sand or dust particle is in the eyes.
  • Not able to withstand bright lights or sun rays.
  • A lymph node is formed in front of the ear or under the jawbone.
  • Unable to wear contact lenses as there are bumps under the eyelids.

The prominent fact of pink eye to consider is that the ailment of eyes is contagious. Thus person effected by this diseases need to stay aloof in home and not go to public places till the disease symptoms fade away. Diagnosing of pink eyes can be done by any physician of your locality.

The treatments effective to cure pink eyes:

  • Over the counter medicines: Expert Pharmacist will provide you soothing ointments and eye drops to reduce the symptoms.
  • If you have severe pain in eyes, it will be beneficial to consult skilled ophthalmologist.
  • Sometimes even the visual power of eyes get effected, physician will take the necessary tests before prescribing the medications.
  • Artificial tears or lubricating eye drops to reduce the dryness of eyes.

For driving the discomfort symptoms of pink eyes away applying of Aloe Vera gel or Neem (Azadirachta indica) oil can be applied. Applying of holy Basil leaves paste can be effective to reduce the inflammation of eyes. For reducing the redness, place warm Matcha green tea bag on closed eyes.

To treat severe symptoms of pink eye in Colorado you can visit well known ophthalmologist. To know more about facts of pink eyes and its treatment open websites or blogs providing relevant information.