The risk of the Lipitor use

Lipitor is a brand name of the medicine intended to treat increased cholesterol blood level. And it seems that nowadays there is already no one who had not seen the Lipitor advertisement at least once. These commercials informs about the possible dangers of this drug use and its side effects. However in case you are the one who hadn’t ever seen or heard any Lipitor commercial then you really must read this article.

First of all let’s define what the high cholesterol level is and why it should be monitored.

Cholesterol is nothing but a fat that appears in human arteries and that is vitally important for our life. However two types of this substance are defined – the good and the bad one. The bad cholesterol blocks our arteries. Let’s us draw an analogue: just imagine that is it a Thanksgiving day and you prepared a turkey. You drain the fat out of it into the cup and remembered about it few days later. The fat has hardened. The same thing occurs inside our bodies as well and due to it human becomes disposed to heart attacks or strokes. And the Lipitor decreases the cholesterol level accumulated inside us. On the first sight it is quite clear and transparent. However Lipitor is a drug and as with most of the drugs there are certain difficulties.

Prolonged use of the drug (and Lipitor is prescribed commonly for a long periods of time) the patient may start to experience a signs of Lou Gherig’s disease also known as ALS. It is a certain type of muscle degeneration. And several studies have proved the fact of such negative consequence of the Lipitor use against increased cholesterol.

But what is most disturbing is that it is a usual side effect for Lipitor using patients that occur quite often. Thus when side effect turns into such serious form then a question arises whether it is appropriate to use this medication at all? But here we also have to consider the fact that the cholesterol is still unproved to be as dangerous as we are informed about it. And so it appears that all the possible risks of the Lipitor use seem quite obscure.

So in case you are worried about the possible consequences of the drug use then you should only ask your doctor to find another way to decrease cholesterol blood level. For instance 2,000-3,000 units of vitamin C daily quite effectively reduce the possibility of the growth of cholesterol. And if we’ll combine it with decreased beef meat than it might be quite sufficient mean for maintaining the normal level of cholesterol.

But anyway talk to your healthcare provider at first to work out correct treatment.–6117b17b92c32100215aef11