Sexual Health A Necessity For Teens

Today we can hardly believe that sex was a taboo once upon a time. While today we can speak and even debate on such issues without letting embarrassment enters the picture, it was not the case with our grandparents. All this has been made possible only due to the increasing education and awareness. The society is no more narrow- minded when discussing about such issues. In fact many feel that Sexual health must be a compulsory subject in many schools and colleges.

“Half –knowledge is dangerous” is what we all are aware of. However, the worst part is that we all have many misconceptions and wrong notions about sex which is quite dangerous. This has been especially prevalent in case of teenagers. As they are completely curious and enthusiastic to know about sex, they just go haywire and believe anything said and told. They are generally vulnerable and hence there is a chance of them being sexually exploited.

Infact a latest research says that even parents and teachers believe in creating awareness in this topic. The reason behind this is that they feel it is better to be informed from the trusted sources than from unreliable means where they might land into trouble. There has been a need to enlighten about the contraceptive pills and other forms of birth control methods.

The Journal of Adolescent Research had published research stating that before the age of 18, the majority of teens have sex. So, it is sensible that they are made aware of the necessary information about sexual health as it might prevent them from the spreading of STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease).

The daily intake of coffee might create complication in conception. Caffeine is considered to be the miscreant here.  It is discovered that caffeine in coffee can influence adversely the process of the movement of eggs from the ovaries to the womb. The British Journal of Pharmacology has recently proclaimed this fact after many researches and studies.

It has also been observed that caffeine can lead to the shrinking of the fallopian tubes. The cells in the fallopian tubes are distressed. The fallopian tubes have significant role to play in the process of reproduction as they are responsible for the transmission of eggs to the ovaries.

Also coffee can have other adverse effect on one which might include memory loss and further complications in the body.  This caters to the imbibing of three to four cups of coffee in a day.

Fertility is imperative to every human to carry one’s generation forward and to complete the family.  However it deems to be a predicament for many. Women with fertility issues must try to enhance their fertility by the consumption of aphrodisiacs and other medications.

In a nutshell we advise you to keep under control the cups of coffee you drink. The coffee advertisements might be appealing. The couples in the coffee advertisement might seem to be in high spirits. Reel life is not real life, right? So, keep away from coffee.