Green Tea is Good

It is considered that what you see not required being good same happens with drinks that we have in our regular life. Many drinks we consume are chosen by us because of their marketing, whatever we see in the world we believe. But most of such drinks are not good for health and drinks such as Green Tea which is one of the healthiest drinks we have on the planet. As benefits of green tea are coming up people started using it, all credit goes to dietitian who insist to drink green tea everyday when you wake up and before sleeping. What exactly is there in green tea which made it so popular?

1)      Purifies Your Body – Green tea has some contents that helps to purify body when your day starts. It has some nutrients and some strong antioxidants that wipe out all waste oxidants from body and body gets activation with good source. When this happens entire body and especially brain says Thank You to you.

2)      Downs Your Pounds – Yes exactly, Green tea found one of the best herbal options to burn unwanted fats. This is the actual reason that all dieticians insist their patient to start a day with Green Tea. Your body work in such fashion that it automatically loses some pounds when you leave starvation of night.

3)      Makes You Immune – Though we all are temporary here but everyone tries to leave happy and fit till the time we are here. Green Tea contents improve immunity so high that one rarely falls ill.

4)      Closes the doors for Cancer – Cancer is one of the outcomes of no evacuation of oxidants and green tea starts its action with antioxidant process. Thus it helps man by preventing from cancer.

5)      Tastes So Good – We always find many people shifted permanently to green tea because when it is added with some natural flavors like lemon it taste fabulous.

There are many benefits of green tea that you can find everywhere. Also this is the property of herbal products that they have much more than we see. One should start drinking green and within some time your body will start showing some good improvements that you could never find with any other drinks. By any mean we need to accept and adopt good habits and having green tea in your routine is one of the good habits for health. Let’s go green and bit fit!!!