Four Tips To Look Amazing During The Travelling

If you like to travel that’s a good thing; sometimes we really need to have a rest and change the place. Meeting new people, discovering new places and tasting delicious food may be a real pleasure for us, but for our skin, hair and nails travelling can be very stressful. So let’s try to look always gorgeous using these simple tips from stylists at best salon NYC.

#1 More water

The first thing you should worry about is water. Make a golden rule to provide your body with enough amount of fresh water, 5-6 glasses of fresh clean water can save your beauty and prevent over dryness of your body. Your skin and hair will always look amazing if you drink a lot of water. Remember, that juices, coffee, tea and different drinks with sugar can’t truly satisfy your thirst.

#2 More healthy food

Yeah, travelling is a great occasion to forget about restrictions in your diet. Being constantly on road, lack of time, consuming lots of new dishes are sometimes harmful for our body. Try to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit to provide your body with all necessary vitamins and minerals. For example, you can eat a handful of nuts or seeds, or just an apple instead of chips for snack. This will be a very good decision for your stomach.

#3 Moisture

Travelling can be too harmful to your skin. Dry air, cold or hot weather, the wind, salt water and inconsistent nutrition can be a cause of over dryness. Try to use natural oils to make your skin look gorgeous and fresh. The best decision would be to buy coconut oil due to its multitasking possibilities: you can use it like moisturizing body cream, mask and like a natural remedy to prevent sunburns..

#4 The less, the better

Sometimes during the travelling, we don’t have enough time for daily things like shampooing or making the cool hairstyle. That’s not a big deal. Give your hair a rest and just chill. If you haven’t have much time – try to use a dry shampoo, you don’t need any water for this procedure. Try to avoid using a hair dryer and curling iron too, give your hair a chance to recover and be healthy without these harmful tools.

Don’t forget that the main aim of any travelling is to have a good rest, so follow these steps and be a natural beauty.