Crowdfunding for the Deaf and Mute

The disabled in India have never been treated with a lot of dignity. They have either been considered sinners (disability being thought the result of sin) or people with exalted abilities. Sometimes in literature, disability is seen as a kind of metaphor for other conditions. Dhritarashtra’s blindness is thought to be demonstrative of his inability to see the faults of his sons.

In all of this, sometimes we forget that disabled people or People With Disabilities (PWDs) are human beings with the same rights as us. They want the right to live freely and with dignity. PWDs are considered to be a liability in whichever place they work. However, this is not the case. People With Disabilities are as capable at fulfilling responsibilities as any other individual in most walks of life.

To think that disability is one category is wrong. Within the category of disability, there are hierarchies formed by the disabled. This is usually formed on the basis of who is the most normative of the lot. Blind people are at the top of this hierarchy along with wheelchair users. Mentally disabled individuals and the deaf and mute are at the bottom of this hierarchy. Deafness has served as casual comedy in cheap roadshows for far too long. People have forgotten that the deaf (as well as the mute) are people who have their own language, i.e. Indian Sign Language.

This is just your average theory. What happens in practical life? What happens when you are a deaf and mute person coming from a poor family? In such cases, you probably end up in some neglected government institution or another. The alternative is to go through immense trauma at home. Deaf and mute women are particularly prone to sexual abuse. Much of this sexual abuse comes from the home. So, how can we change anything?

Fundraising india can help us here. One major change that we can bring about is to see that the full potential of deaf and mute people is realized. One way of doing this is to make sure that these people have livelihood skills. The first step to fixing the mess that ableism has made with these people’s lives is to make sure that they are financially independent. Vocational training for the deaf and mute where academic training has failed is important. Moreover, this should be a choice of the disabled individual. This would enable them to earn some money at the end of the month and that goes a long way in mending confidence levels and increasing the stature of these people at home.

If you are an NGO or individual who attempts to do this kind of work, fundraising india can help you. There are various crowdfunding platforms on the internet that can help you fundraise. The biggest share of the market is owned by Impact Guru, a crowdfunding platform incubated at Harvard which has raised 650 crores of rupees in medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding. All you have to do is to visit their website and set up a fundraiser.

It takes five minutes and brings back much more in revenue. As soon as you set up the fundraiser, their campaign manager for your particular campaign will get in touch with you. With reach over fifteen countries, the chances of your fundraiser performing well is high. The more money you collect, the more lives you can rehabilitate and infuse with dignity. Fundraising india can help you do that.