Acne and its Types

Acne can appear on the skin in the form of Pimples (Zits), blackheads, pustules, cysts and whiteheads. Chest, back and face are the important part where acne appears as these are the area where many sebaceous glands are present.
These problems can be treated with medications available at drugstores and cosmetic counters, without prescription. However, if the acne persists for a long time, try to visit dermatologist to get the better treatment. The reason behind the appearance of acne is because of the sebaceous glands that increase at the time of puberty which is stimulated by hormones at the adrenal glands on both boys and girls. Sebum is a needed substance in the body that protects the skin from external factors. However when cells present close to the surface of the skin blocks the opening of the sebaceous glands, lets oil accumulate at one place.

Here the bacteria present on the skin get stimulated and multiplies due to which inflames the surrounding tissues. The inflammation near the skin causes Pimples (Zits), blackheads, pustules, cysts and whiteheads. When, the accumulated oil breaks on the surface of the skin than it results in whitehead. However, when the oil accumulates melanin pigment with it, whiteheads turn to blackhead. There are few factors that are still on doubt whether they produce acne or not however they are food, hereditary, dirt, hormones, stress, cosmetics, drugs, etc. People all over the world mostly suffer from skin diseases and they come in all sorts of form. However some of the skin diseases can go worse and spoil the face. Acne can be treated properly with medications that can be consumed or applied on the skin. However there are many home remedies to treat acne. Drinking lots of water is the simplest and the easiest process to follow. The water content in the body helps the pores of the skin to clean properly with the sweat and it also purifies blood by letting out all the impurities from the blood through urine.

Avoiding skin care products keep the skin away from harmful chemicals and keep the skin fresh and chemical free. Squeeze, popping and picking should be avoided as that may seem easy to get rid of acne however that will make acne worse. Oily hair is another reason that produces acne however cleaning of hair daily can help people get rid of acne. The better mode of treatment is by using skin products that are harsh on acne and gentle on skin. The most beautiful part of our body is skin and people should always visit the dermatologist for the correct advice and should follow the given instructions properly to achieve desired result.